A value added supplier of Software, IT Consultancy Services and Training within the area of IT-infrastructure. Our primary focus and areas of expertise are Application packaging/re-packaging and Deployment.

Mindgrape´s business model is to create tailor made solutions for the IT infrastructure area in our customer’s organizations. We always strive towards using the individual needs of the particular enterprise and organization as a base when defining and realizing comprehensive IT strategies for improvement. As the Nordic distributor of Flexera Software’s product portfolio we can provide customers with market leading products and tools as AdminStudio, InstallShield and App Portal.

Our main focus is application packaging/re-packaging and application management in general, no matter what technology is used in the background. Other competence areas are deployment, Citrix and database management. All our consultants are on a senior level with many years experience within their respective focus areas and they perform their assignments with professionalism and service-mindedness. Thanks to the gathered expertise and competence of our consultants we are a leading player within the area of application delivery in the Nordics.

Besides consulting and software distributing, Mindgrape is a high level training partner within Application Delivery. We are the only official authorized Flexera Software training partner on both AdminStudio and InstallShield in the Nordics, which guarantees high quality and reliable results for the attendees on our training courses. Moreover, we provide training on Microsoft Application Virtualization and accommodated trainings and/or workshops according to our customers specific needs within App-V or MSI-packaging/re-packaging.


Senior consultants with high level expertise and long experience enables reliable results and high quality on Mindgrape´s services.

We provide engaged and motivated senior consultants who are dedicated to their respective area of expertise. Every one of our consultants are “cherry picked” and carefully selected on base of their expertise and social skills as problem solvers. Since our business model is built on long-term relationships and mutual trust between us and our customers, it´s important that we cater to the demands and needs of our customers in an effective way.

In order to achieve this we first need to prove ourselves a trusted advisor in our area of expertise. Mindgrape’s way to achieve becoming a trusted advisor to our customers is mainly by providing senior consultants who has a fast cutting edge and an effective delivery, but always with a close presence and continuous communication with the customer.


A product portfolio with a holistic perspective of the whole application lifecycle.

From our point of view the applications are the most critical components in an IT environment. All operations within an enterprise relies upon a series of applications in order for their daily work and tasks to function. It can be everything from writing a simple e-mail, make a cad-drawing, read a patients journal to produce purchase order or just send an invoice. Our product portfolio provides toolkits which enables all applications an enterprise or organization needs for the end user in an easy and user friendly way. Moreover, these toolkits has a significant role in what we call the application lifecycle.

We look upon the holistic perspective than just focusing on one step or phase. Installing an application is only the first step. During the lifetime of an application it will be needed to be updated and supported in order to secure a problem free usage. Finally, the application has to be uninstalled. Our holistic point of view enables us to provide solutions which follows the application all way from introduction to phase out. 


High quality trainings, teachers with deep practical knowledge and long experience.

Mindgrape is the official training partner for Flexera Software´s products AdminStudio and Installshield. Our instructors have long field experience and have all been certified in Flexera Software´s train-the-trainer programme. In our portfolio we also offer the only pure Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 training in Scandinavia.

Our knowledgeable instructors have trained hundreds of consultants and technincians over the years. We can also set up tailor-made courses and workshops within areas such as App-V, MSI repackaging and Powershell.


Mindgrape offer software licenses, authorized training and consultancy services within Application delivery and Deployment. Quality and trust are our watchwords when we deliver customer adapted solutions to enterprises, organizations and public authoritys.

Mindgrape as a company was founded in 2006 with an initial focus on consultancy services within Application-packaging/re-packaging and virtualization. Understanding and adapting to the needs of the market and our customers kept the company growing under continuous development. Assimilating to and always keeping up with the leading-edge technologies within App delivery and Deployment, made it possible for Mindgrape to expand subsequently with new business areas and senior consultants. Today Mindgrape consist of around twenty employees where each and every one is a trusted advisor in their respective area of expertise. Due to our experts and leading-edge technology knowledge we claim having the largest range of high competence within App delivery on the Swedish market.We identified the need of competence provisioning on the market quite soon after starting up the consultancy area in 2006. Realizing that training and providing software licenses often goes hand in hand with consultancy services we wanted to be able to offer a complete solution to our customers.

This perception was the starting point for adding high class training courses to our portfolio, starting up with Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). In 2012 Mindgrape became authorized reseller and exclusive training partner to Flexera Software in the Nordics. Mindgrape is the only authorized training center offering the official Flexera Software training on AdminStudio and InstallShield on the Nordic market today. All of our instructors have high technical knowledge and long practical experience as consultants within respective product area. In addition they have also taken train-the-trainer courses at Flexera Software on both AdminStudio and InstallShield. In 2014 Mindgrape was selected as becoming the single official distributor for the Flexera Software product solutions AdminStudio, App Portal, InstallShield and Install Anywhere in the Nordics. All mentioned solutions are all market leading tools for Application readiness, delivery and management. Especially interesting for enterprises and/or organizations planning migrations to Windows 7 and 8 and the adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies.


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