AdminStudio Suite 2016 is the only solution available today for a Unified Application Readiness process for Windows, Mac, and Mobile applications. AdminStudio Suite 2016 also adds many new capabilities and enhancements to help IT administrators keep up with the accelerating pace of application updates and operating system changes.

New features and enhancements to AdminStudio Suite 2016 include:
•Import Mac® Apps and Mac Store Links
•Test Mac® Apps for OS X Compatibility
•Configure and Prepare Mac® Apps for delivery
•Publish Mac® Applications to JAMF Casper Suite and Flexera Software App Portal
•Provision Virtual Machines for Repackaging and Testing
•Automatically identify nested MSIs within EXE installers
•Automatically test EXE Installers for OS Compatibility and Virtualization suitability
•Updated Windows 10 OS Compatibility tests

And more!