Mindgrapes rapid growth the last 4 years has given us the Award Gasell Company from the newspaper Dagens Industri in Sweden. Every year less than 0.5 percent of all Swedish companies are awarded Gasell. Mindgrape is one of them. We are of course very proud of this award and we will continue to grow in Sweden.

Criteria to become a Gasell

To become a Gasell company you have to fulfill all these criterias. It is always the last four years that count toward the award.

A Gasell has:

  • A revenue above 10 M SEK
  • More than 10 employees
  • At least double the revenue during the last four years.
  • Increased the revenue every year for the last three years.
  • Being profitable for the last four years
  • Has grown by own force and not by fusions or acquisition
  • Financial well managed

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