A product portfolio with a holistic perspective of the whole application lifecycle.

From our point of view the applications are the most critical components in an IT environment. All operations within an enterprise relies upon a series of applications in order for their daily work and tasks to function. It can be everything from writing a simple e-mail, make a cad-drawing, read a patients journal to produce purchase order or just send an invoice. Our product portfolio provides toolkits which enables all applications an enterprise or organization needs for the end user in an easy and user friendly way. Moreover, these toolkits has a significant role in what we call the application lifecycle.

We look upon the holistic perspective than just focusing on one step or phase. Installing an application is only the first step. During the lifetime of an application it will be needed to be updated and supported in order to secure a problem free usage. Finally, the application has to be uninstalled. Our holistic point of view enables us to provide solutions which follows the application all way from introduction to phase out.