Application-packaging and Re-packaging in all known formats and for all needs. Qualitative, effective and functional.

Organizations and enterprises uses Application-packaging/ re-packaging in order to standardize software installations. The process itself modifies the software in order for it to be installed on a PC-device without conflicting with other existing applications. Throughout the application lifecycle the software is first being installed, repaired and upgraded, then finally uninstalled, in a consistent and automated process. This method facilitates and saves time for the end-users in an organization. A well package application highly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) since itīs minimizes the need for on-site technicians and support. Moreover, it simplifies and streamlines the management of current upgrades.

Our senior application-packaging consultants and instructors has long experience from using packaging tools like Flexera AdminStudio and Wise Package Studio. Their high level of knowledge and expertise guarantees safe installations and well documented packages. All our packaging consultants also possesses high skills in scripting (VB script and PowerShell), which is used in order to modify MSI-installations. Putting all these skills together makes our consultants a perfect match and gives them a complete fulfillment of the very highest requirements within Application-packaging/ re-packaging assignments.

We deliver packaging/re-packaging in all known formats and for every potential deployment scenario. A few common examples are; Windows Installer (MSI), Microsoft Application Virtualization (APP-V), Citrix Application Streaming, VMware Thinapp or Installfree. In order to ensure high quality packages we always run both conflict- and function tests before delivery with tools like Application Manager in AdminStudio. In this way we ensure that every delivered package follows best practice, correct packaging standard and does not cause conflicts with the Operative System or other installed applications.

Application virtualization with Microsoft App-V is a complementary technology to traditional MSI- packaging and simplifies the whole packaging process, which results in both reduced costs and risk. Applications that are packaged (virtualized) with App-V does not risk to affect or compromise the OS or other locally installed applications. The result is a more stable and reliable computer. However, it is not possible to virtualize all types of applications, regardless of what technology we choose to apply. Approximately 50-70% of an organizations application repository can be virtualized, the rest has to be packaged with traditional MSI- packaging due to technical limitations. We strongly recommend using Flexera AdminStudio as your main packaging tool since itīs the most advanced, integrated application readiness solution for managing physical, virtual and mobile applications.

We offer our packaging services on both fixed and/or open hourly rate. For more info about our packaging solutions,  contact: