FlexNet Code Aware is an automated open source risk assessment and package discovery solution that enables software developers to quickly scan their products for security and intellectual property (IP) compliance risk. By seamlessly integrating with InstallShield or InstallAnywhere, FlexNet Code Aware becomes a standard part of the build process, helping developers expose and assess IP and security vulnerability risks before the product ships. This powerful combined solution sets the foundation for a vulnerability-free build while ensuring a smooth, error-free installation.

We’ve all heard the stories – the software products that had to be pulled from the market. Or the undiscovered security vulnerability (remember Heartbleed?) that put millions of software users at risk. Don’t let this happen to one of your products. More than 50 percent of the code found in most commercial software packages is open source, and most organizations typically know less than 10% of what is actually used.
Make FlexNet Code Aware a standard part of your build process to ensure you are delivering a professional, consistent and security vulnerability-free software installation experience every time you ship your product.

Identify risks before you ship

With the integration to InstallShield and InstallAnywhere, open source risk assessment becomes part of your build process to automatically expose and assess vulnerability risks.

Fast and simple to run

Within minutes, you will receive an assessment of your operational risk along with a bill of materials of your open source and third-party packages allowing you to identify critical security vulnerabilities and IP compliance risks.

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Perform Fast Automated Scans of Your Products

Quickly scan your product every time you run a build, and FlexNet Code Aware will automatically discover your use of open source and third-party packages, and calculate your overall operational risk. Since FlexNet Code Aware is integrated with InstallShield or InstallAnywhere, you can be aware of potential open source software security and license compliance issues before your product ships ensuring a vulnerability-free build and error-free installation.


Quickly Identify Open Source and Third-Party Packages

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Scanning is simple. Just run a scan from your InstallShield or InstallAnywhere project, and FlexNet Code Aware will quickly identify the open source and third-party packages in your product.


Assess Your Level of Operational Risk

After you run your scan, you are quickly provided with leading operational risk indicators such as the number of open source packages identified with security vulnerabilities, intellectual property (IP) license compliance issues and copyright statements to determine your product’s level of operational risk and receive guidance for remediation.