Product release - Adminstudio 2024

Product release - Adminstudio 2024

Dear Partner,

Our new AdminStudio 2024 will be live on June 27th, 2024.

This new version includes the following new features and enhancements for our customers:

Conversion of App-V to MSIX Packages

  • App-V EOL is announced for 2026. It’s time to start your migration journey to MSIX. The latest AdminStudio version will help you seamlessly convert your existing App-V packages to MSIX packages.

Bulk Migration from ConfigMgr to Intune

  • You can now migrate all your applications from ConfigMgr to Intune using a simple guided wizard experience
  • Applications will be imported into AdminStudio’s application catalog for future management

Deploy packages to Intune during publishing

  • Leverage AdminStudio to create Intune assignment groups right within AdminStudio completing the loop on Application Management till deployment to end points

Running Custom Script after publishing to ConfigMgr

  • Automate your repeated tasks in ConfigMgr when you publish apps
  • You can now run a custom script that’s run on the ConfigMgr, right from within AdminStudio

Automated Functional Package Testing

  • There is a new option available to functionally test your package and not just limited to static tests
  • "Test in Virtual Machine option now allows you to install, uninstall and even launch the application for identifying runtime errors.